Paralimni: Students made fertilizer with… coffee!

a 332 News, Innovation, Paralimni High School, Education
a 332 News, Innovation, Paralimni High School, Education

Business minds seem to be the students of the XNUMXnd grade of Paralimni High School.

Specifically, the students, under the guidance of their teacher, created coffee compost. The idea was born when some of the students working in cafeterias noticed that large amounts of coffee were thrown in the trash every day.

After experiments, they found that coffee contains an amount of phosphorus and sodium, elements that help the growth of a plant.

Through teamwork, they managed to produce their own coffee-based fertilizer and even promote it in supermarkets, nurseries and florists. It is worth noting that from the first day of its release, the fertilizer was very popular with the public, as 40 packages were sold.

The coffeelizer team will take part in the Pancyprian competition and then the team that will come first will go to the Global Innovation Competition, Junior achievement.