The seriousness of the Minister and the smiles of the Vice President

CEB1 40 Kolokasi, Costas Koumis
We can not know what was the topic of discussion between the Minister of Energy George Lakkotrypis and the Vice President of CTO Costas Koumis, who was captured by the camera in their recent meeting, as you can see in the photo. However, judging by the seriousness of the Minister, he would probably talk to him about the EAC.

CEB1 1677 Kolokasi, Costas Koumis

The smile of the Vice President of the CTO shows that he is probably not interested in the Ministry-EAC dispute. It is most probable that the Paralimnitis Vice President of the CTO had in mind the beauties of our Province. Maybe the savior of the Savior who praises in each of his appearances…