Kostas Koumis: Expectations for over 200.000 German tourists

The new Deputy Minister of Tourism went to a tourism exhibition in Berlin

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The new Deputy Minister of Tourism Kostas Koumis notes particularly encouraging prospects from the German market, who notes that based on estimates, the arrivals of German visitors this year are expected to break the 200.000 barrier for the first time after 26 years.

In his first trip after assuming his duties, Mr. Koumis, head of the delegation of the Deputy Ministry, went to Berlin for the ITB exhibition, which is considered one of the largest tourist exhibitions in the world.

As the Deputy Minister of Tourism stated to KYPE, during his presence in the German capital he had a series of contacts with tourist organizations mainly from Europe and the first contacts were made especially with the German market and representatives of Cypriot tourism in the country. He also gave his first interviews to a German magazine and the channel of the tourism giant TUI.

"The estimates for the German market are particularly encouraging," Mr. Koumis from Berlin told KYPE, adding that "we expect to break the barrier of 200.000 visitors from Germany for the first time in 26 years."

"We continue the hard work for the German market as well as the other markets", he added.

Mr. Koumis also noted that at every meeting the issue of special forms of tourism is raised, betting on the increase of alternative tourism. In this context, he said, there were some discussions about sports tourism with some companies.

It is recalled that in 2022 arrivals from the German market set a record of the last 20 years, registering a 31% increase compared to 2019.

Mr. Koumis returns to Cyprus on Thursday afternoon.

Source: KYPE