DIKO decided to have a dialogue with Theocharous

CEB1 14 DIKO, News
The Democratic Party will proceed with a discussion aimed at co-shaping a framework for cooperation with Eleni Theocharous and the "Solidarity" movement, following the decision taken by the Executive Office.

CEB1 1703 DIKO, News

Nikolas Papadopoulos' proposal to give the Secretariat the right to enter into a dialogue with Eleni Theocharous was approved unanimously by the present members of the Executive Office.

The contacts will be made in two phases, initially by the Secretariat and if there is a positive outcome then together with the SG the areas of cooperation will be determined. The exact time of the DIKO-Theocharous meeting will be determined in the coming days.

According to our information, Nikolas Papadopoulos, raising the issue before the Executive Office, informed the DIKO executives about the first meeting he had with Mrs. Theocharous and asked for authorization to discuss the party with the "Solidarity" movement a possible framework of cooperation. He characteristically noted that both sides can cooperate in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

All the executives who were appointed during the meeting of the General Assembly expressed their support for contacts with Ms. Theocharous and a dialogue. Beyond that, however, there were executives who expressed reservations about the possibility of electoral cooperation with the "Solidarity" movement before clarifying who its executives are other than Ms. Theocharous.

Vice President Christos Patsalidis reiterated yesterday, as he had done the previous days at the Secretariat of DIKO, that he is in favor of talking to Ms. Theocharous, noting that they should also consider who constitutes "Solidarity" if there is talk of Movement and not for one person. He also noted that it is important for DIKO to know these people and what their positions are, emphasizing that any steps should be careful and not cause internal party side effects.

Stelios Ieronymidis initially opposed it but later stated that he did not disagree with discussions between DIKO and Ms. Theocharous. Among others, Fytos Konstantinou, Giorgos Anastasiou and Alekos Tryfonidis were in favor of the discussion and examination of the possible cooperation with Mrs. Theocharous.

It should be noted that Marios Karoyan, Angelos Votsis and Athena Kyriakidou were again absent from yesterday's session that began with the briefing of Nikolas Papadopoulos on the Cyprus issue. Markos Kyprianou, who is abroad, was also absent.

Source: Liberal