Nikolas: DIKO will be in the next government (VIDEO)

DIKO President Nikolas Papadopoulos spoke about the upcoming presidential elections


The President of DIKO, Nikolas Papadopoulos, spoke about the upcoming presidential elections on SIGMA Mesimeri kai Kati.

As he said, an internal party dialogue has started which will end in January, where the framework through which DIKO will proceed in consultations with other political forces will be determined, with the hope "to reach a common political framework for the presidential elections". .

"Before January, we will not enter into any nomenclature or pre-registration," said Mr. Papadopoulos.

Mr. Papadopoulos added that first the political proposals that the party will want to promote must be determined, in case it will participate in any government of the place.

Asked if DIKO is chasing victory and election or a political alliance, he replied that the political framework will give direction for alliances and victory.

"I do not underestimate in any case how important it is to have the right candidate. "Before you go to that stage, you have to set a political framework," he said.

As he said, DIKO as an opposition party considers that since it wants to see change in specific issues, "we believe that the first word should be given to the opposition parties. "But it does not mean that we have pre-decided agreements."

"Certainly the candidate is very important, I am optimistic that with careful moves we will have the right candidate and yes, DIKO will be in the next government," he added.

Asked to comment on whether DIKO could support a candidate who has the gossip of the corrupt at his expense, he replied that he will not enter into a discussion about names, nor is he the one who will decide what his criteria and qualifications will be.

"However, I have recorded issues that I estimate will be priority issues for the conference next January," he concluded.