European diplomats worry Erdogan will use T / Cs to co-decide in Brussels

a 624 News, Europe, Cyprus, Nea Famagusta, Turkey
a 624 News, Europe, Cyprus, Nea Famagusta, Turkey

Negotiations on the future of a divided Cyprus begin in Geneva. European Union diplomats fear that President Erdogan's influence could increase, writes Die Welt.

"Will Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan set foot in Brussels in the future? Can it co-rule the EU through the back door? Will the Mediterranean island be transformed into a Trojan Horse? These questions are causing headaches for Brussels diplomats right now. "The reason is the crucial talks on the so-called Cyprus conflict, which start this Monday," the German newspaper points out.

"It is clear to all participants: without the approval of Erdogan, who is behind Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, there can be no solution. And that's exactly where the problem lies. Nobody knows what role the unpredictable Turkish President wants to play. "What concessions will it require in the end and what effect will the current tensions between Turkey and the European Union have in the end?"

"To make it clearer: Decisions that affect both sides can only be taken jointly, and both will have a veto. The Turkish Cypriots could therefore co-decide with the Member State of Cyprus. But this could have serious consequences for decisions of the European Union as a whole that require unanimity, especially on foreign and economic policy issues. "European diplomats are concerned that there is a danger that he will use the Turkish Cypriots to achieve his goals and co-decide in Brussels," Die Welt concludes.

Source: KYPE