Horrible death of a Cypriot in London - He was devoured by his dog

CEB1 25 News, Great Britain
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He was devoured by his dog in front of a BBC crew

While a BBC crew was inside his house filming him for a documentary, his dog attacked and devoured him. The story of a Cypriot, resident of London, whom his neighbors named as "Mario Perivoitos".

CEB11 1 News, Great Britain

The 41-year-old man from Wood Green in north London, was attacked by the Staffordshire bull terrier dog. The autopsy showed that the cause of death was a deep wound in the neck of the 41-year-old that caused "hypovolemic shock and damage to the airway that is consistent with a dog bite".

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Neighbors who witnessed the incident reported that the victim lost a lot of blood from his throat, as a result of which the first aid provided to him was not able to save him. Another neighbor, however, gives another version of the incident as he stated that he believes the dog attacked another person and bit his boss when he intervened. He described the bull terrier as a "good dog".

A BBC spokesman said the agency was aware of the incident but did not want to comment.