Juncker: When it comes to peace you get on the plane

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"I am going to Geneva to try to bridge the views of the two sides," Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in response to a question from KYPE as part of the Maltese Presidency's presentation in Valletta of his strategic choice to visit Geneva in person. at a time when Erdogan, Tsipras and May are hesitant.

Specifically, the President stated: "I have a personal interest. "Perhaps we are over-dramatizing the situation by saying that what is happening in Geneva is the last chance," he said.

Explaining his personal interest, he stressed: "This is the reason why I visited Cyprus in the past, the reason why I am in constant contact with President Anastasiadis and the leader of the Turkish Cypriot community Mustafa Akinci: It is for peace. When it comes to peace you get on the plane. That is why I will go to Geneva myself to try to bridge the views of the two sides. It is a risk, but when we talk about peace, those who take no risk, take the biggest risk. "

In his introductory speech, the President of the Commission stressed: "I am going to Geneva tomorrow because I believe it is time to reunite the island. The two leaders are doing a great job. I spoke on the phone today with Prime Minister Tsipras and I will also talk to the French President about the issue. I hope to close this file in the next hours and days ".

Source: KYPE