No worries Kougiali for securing the halloumi

hellimiiis Nikos Kougialis, Halloumi
hellimiiis Nikos Kougialis, Halloumi

The Minister of Agriculture has no information and knows absolutely nothing about information cited by the newspaper "Politis", according to which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs seems to have established or been informed that the halloumi registration has not been disconnected from the developments in the Cyprus issue and The delay at European level is coincidental.

Nikos Kougiallis clarified on the show noon and something that the registration of halloumi is purely a matter of time, the data contained in the file are not in dispute and the registration as a product of Protected Designation of Origin is a given

Asked to comment on the government's reaction in the event of a link between the issue and political developments, it was clear

It is pointed out that in the file submitted by Cyprus the names "Halloumi" and "Hellim" are mentioned, which can be used together or separately.