Satisfaction of sheep and goats from the opinion of the Legal Service for the halloumi

The announcement of sheep and goat farmers

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The sheep and goat farmers express their satisfaction for the opinion of the Legal Service for Halloumi, through an announcement they issued.

The statement said that the opinion "is undoubtedly the highest justification for all that they strongly supported".

In addition, sheep and goat farmers call on cow breeders and fellow cheesemakers, as well as all other stakeholders, to join forces for the production of PDO halloumi.

Finally, they express their gratitude to the Agriculture Committee of the Parliament but also to the Agricultural Organizations for the support of their positions, as well as to the officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and to the Minister of Agriculture, Costas Kadis, "whose actions and initiatives contributed to the clarification of what is halloumi ".

Source: KYPE