Halloumi: Definitive meeting under the President after the court decision

The Government will take decisions on halloumi in a broad meeting with all the agencies involved

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The Government will take decisions on halloumi in a broad meeting with all the parties involved, after February 21, when the decision of the European Court will be issued in relation to the appeal on halloumi, announced the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Maria Panagiotou.

In her statements after a meeting held today by representatives of the goat and sheep breeders with the President of the Republic Nikos Christodoulidis in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Mrs. Panagiotou described the discussion as productive, stating that they listened very carefully to the problems and requests of the goat and sheep breeders.

He added that it was agreed that the sheep and goat farmers would submit their proposals in writing by next Friday, on how to increase the production of goat and sheep milk. He added that the Ministry already has a number of measures on the subject through the Rural Development program, but is also working on others.

He also referred to a meeting with all those involved under the President of the Republic with the aim of making decisions on the matter.

"Following the court's decision to stay on February 21, the President of the Republic will convene a meeting, in the presence of all those involved in the halloumi production sector, cheese makers, cattle farmers, sheep and goat farmers, where the Government's decisions will be announced," said the Minister.

On behalf of the goat and sheep breeders, Sotiris Kadis thanked the President for receiving them and listening to their problems, and said that they await the meeting with the involved bodies. He also mentioned that they will submit written recommendations to the President.

Asked if they are satisfied after the latest agreement with the cheesemakers on the goat milk quota in halloumi, Mr. Kadis said they expect to see the matter at the meeting after February 21.

When asked if the goal of increasing goat and sheep milk is possible in order to increase the halloumi quota, Mr. Kadis said "I think so", adding that they will send their recommendations to the President.

Source: KYPE