Agiasmos School Tax Office Sotiras Famagusta

eforia Nea Famagusta
eforia Nea Famagusta

The Blessing of the Sotiras School Tax Office was performed today at 9 in the morning, in the presence of the President and the Members of the School Tax Office, the Deputy Mayor and the Members of the Municipal Council and other attendees… 

The School Tax Office is a newly established body, which was established with the transformation of Sotira into a Municipality and is responsible for the control and care of the Schools of Sotira.

The offices of the School Tax Office are located on Makariou Street, opposite the Municipal parking lot.

The School Tax Office consists of:
Pavlikkas Stelios, President
Hadjipetros Ioannis, Vice President
Kasapis Kostakis, Head of Schools
Assiotis George, Secretary
Christou Sotiras, V. Secretary
Charalambous Androulla, Treasurer
Savva Andriani, V. Treasurer

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