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Very soon it is not ruled out that we will see farmers in the fields with laptops and tablets, downloading applications since their e-learning platform is in the works. An educational tool in the hands of breeders and farmers.

The Department of Agriculture in collaboration with the Institute for Agricultural Research conducted a survey to show the interest of Cypriot farmers in this platform.

As stated by the Officer of the Department of Agriculture, Periklis Athanassiou "The whole public will have access but its topics will refer to agriculture and livestock. What has become clear is that a large number - percentage of farmers are using the internet. »

According to the survey, 48% of farmers use the internet, 7 out of 10 use email and 67% of farmers would use such a platform.

"Rural" internet

48% of farmers use the internet 7 out of 10 use email 67% of farmers would use such a platform
In his statements, Periklis Athanassiou said: "Today, even if we take into account the development of technology and the increase of internet use, in the future it will be even greater. These data, which emerged from the research, are very encouraging for the operation of such a platform. »

According to the research, which does not specify exactly when the platform will be implemented, the youngest and most educated farmers are the ones who will be able to use it more.

Source: SigmaLive