AKEL: Scandal cover with football agent - Ionas and Police Response

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In today's announcement, AKEL refers to a cover-up of a scandal with betting activity of major players in Cypriot football.

According to a written statement issued by the party's MP, Giorgos Loukaidis, "what is mentioned in reports about an attempt to cover up a case that may concern rigged games is serious."

The Minister of Justice, in his announcement, rejects the accusations and states that there is no reduction in the investigations of the Police.

The following is the announcement of AKEL:

As AKEL, we take very seriously what is mentioned in the publications of "Haravgi" for an attempt to cover up a case that may concern rigged games, illegal betting activity and UEFA red files.

The serious delay and stagnation that seems to be observed in the investigation of the case is not at all innocent and neutral in result. On the contrary, it de facto leads to the cover-up and dismissal of those who may be involved in the dark background of Cypriot football, since according to the current legislation, the internet providers are not obliged to keep electronic traces for more than six months.

We ask the police and the Minister of Justice Mr. Ionas Nikolaou:

- Is it true that electronic traces of very large betting activity have been recorded which are associated with at least two presidents of first division clubs and other celebrities in the field of football?
- Is it true that the data include bank accounts, the amounts and the games that each of them played?
- Is it true that the betting activity also concerns games for which red envelopes were sent in the past?
- Is it true that the TAE investigators who undertook the investigation were replaced along the way without having proceeded with a substantial investigation?
- Is it true that the electronic traces that connect these persons with at least unethical and institutionally reprehensible betting activity are in danger of being lost?

Finally, we address the Attorney General, calling on him to be personally involved, examining these serious allegations, and in general, we call on him to act in order to prevent a possible cover-up of the case. In any case and depending on the developments, we reserve the right to exercise the competent parliamentary control over this very serious case.

Written statement by the Minister of Justice: No involvement in the police investigations into an illegal betting case

The Minister of Justice and Public Order states categorically that neither he nor the Government are involved in the investigation of any criminal case conducted by the Police. On the contrary, the clear instructions of the Minister are like each case is investigated immediately, fully and in depth, according to the instructions of the Attorney General.

It is repeated, for the umpteenth time, that the investigations are carried out by the Police under the guidance of the Attorney General and there is no possibility of involvement of either the Minister himself or the Government in the investigation and handling of these cases.

Regarding the publications of the newspaper "Haravgi", in which it is stated that the Police are investigating for six months a case related to illegal gambling, the Police has assured us that the necessary efforts are being made so that the investigations are completed as soon as possible and that they have already been filed. in the countries where the websites in question are hosted for the retention of data related to the case. Regarding the questions related to the content of the investigations, the law enforcement authorities and the Attorney General are more appropriate to give any answer.

Police: No attempt to cover up a betting case

In no case has there been or is there an attempt for cover-up, cover-up and no intervention by anyone to the members of the Police who are investigating a case concerning the conduct of bets, the Police states in a statement, responding to articles in the newspaper "Haravgi" entitled "Hood" 15 million betting case " and "Items for bets of 15 million are deleted."

The announcement states that the Police, in the context of a coordinated operation to combat the offenses of providing unlicensed betting services, and providing services for conducting betting through exchanges, after evaluating information, conducted an investigation on 18/3/16 with court warrants in three premises in Nicosia. . During the investigation, two persons were identified, who were taken to the Police for interrogation. Four computers, a number of documents and other notes were also seized and seized as evidence, it added.

As mentioned, in the context of the investigations for the investigation of the case, testimonies were taken, all the facts and data were evaluated as well as a judicial examination of the evidence received during the investigation.

It is also noted that the Police has utilized the legal means at its disposal in an effort to preserve or even provide additional evidence.

The announcement emphasizes that this is a very complex and time-consuming case, which is being investigated with piles of electronic documents that require detailed evaluation. Upon completion of their evaluation, legal aid requests are expected to be prepared and sent to specific countries abroad, it added.

"As for the allegations made in the publications about cover-up, concealment and obviously methods and interventions, it is stated in a categorical way that in no case has there been or there is an attempt for cover-up, concealment and no intervention by any of the members of the Police investigating this case ", the announcement concludes.

Source: Liberal