Contacts of the Vice President of the CTO for tourism from China to Cyprus and Israel

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Opportunities for further cooperation between Cyprus and Israel in various fields are focused daily by all relevant bodies. Intention to prepare themed holiday packages in Cyprus and Israel, in order to attract tourists from Far Eastern countries.

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"Weapon" is the geographical proximity
The Minister of Tourism of Israel Yariv Levin spoke about the cooperation between Cyprus and Israel in the field of energy, speaking to journalists in the context of the tourism exhibition in Tel Aviv.

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The Vice President of the CTO, Costas Koumis, and the Minister of Tourism of Israel, Yariv Levin

Mr. Levin stressed that due to the geographical proximity of the two countries, opportunities for further cooperation are created. He also stressed that the dynamics in the relations between Cyprus and Israel is increasing not only from the tripartite, but also bilaterally, since there are frequent contacts of President Anastasiadis with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

He added that the tripartite gives a springboard for cooperation in areas such as energy and tourism, there are many things that can be done especially in tourism, citing as an example the thematic excursions from China.

Thematic packages in Cyprus and Israel
In discussions with businessmen in Israel, two important elements emerge about the way they see Cyprus. The first is that they consider Israel an extension of Cyprus, but also vice versa, in matters of tourism. The second element is the constant pressure they exert on Cyprus for the creation of a casino. In Israel gambling is illegal and as we were told "When you offer an Israeli package for two days with a casino, then he will close it without even looking at the price".

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The Ambassador of Cyprus to Israel, Mrs. Thessaly Salina Sampos

Regarding the first point, the Ambassador of Cyprus to Israel, Thessaly Salina Sampos, stressed that regarding the combined actions from other markets, there is an intention which has been extensively discussed, and is also discussed at the political level. He explained that the goal is to reach markets from the Far East, or Central Asia, that see both Cyprus and Israel as friendly. "Combined travel will bring benefits to both countries," he said.

On the issue of the casino, the Vice President of the Cyprus Tourism Organization, Costas Koumis, initially stated that it is something that should have been done years ago. However, he expressed the hope that the plans will move forward, while welcoming the efforts made by the Government on this issue.

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The Vice President of CTO, Mr. Costs Koumis

Everyone needs cooperation
Mr Koumis said there were markets such as the US and China that could work with Israel for mutual benefit. "We must seek a greater presence in Israel. "With the increase of companies in the market, but also of new ones, we are moving towards an increase of tourists", he added.

He also invited Cypriots to visit Israel, as there are several reasons for someone to visit the country. At the same time, he threw the ball to the companies that organize cruises in the country, saying that with the revision of the companies' plans, the number of tourists will increase.

He added, however, that in order to be successful as a country, there must be cooperation from all actors, including the CTO, tourist offices and hoteliers.

The presence in the media is impressive
The presence of the CTO in the media is something that has made a positive impression on the Israelis and this is something that is due to the actions of the head of the CTO in Israel, Ms. Louisa Barakla. She stated that the efforts for promotion and promotion of the tourist product of Cyprus, are made through regular sessions that promote Cyprus.

It is worth mentioning that due to these efforts, the number of Israelis who visited Cyprus in 2015 amounted to about 98 thousand, compared to 60 thousand in 2014.