"Dream: ON", the iPhone application that monitors your sleep

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There are tens of thousands of applications for the iPhone. But we all use them when we are awake. But Richard Wiseman, a professor at the University of Hertfordshire, is determined to change that. The reason for the Dream On application that he has created and which is part of an experiment aimed at improving nighttime sleep and creating pleasant dreams… 

Using Dream: ON is quite simple. The device with the application is placed next to the bed when the holder falls asleep. It then monitors the user's movements and when he enters the Rapid Eye Movement phase (in the stage, that is, where one sees most dreams), the mobile plays a default musical, relaxing track.

Listening to the song helps the user to have pleasant experiences while sleeping. For example, to see that he is walking in a garden or that he is flying.

When the Rapid Eye Movement phase is completed, the application produces a subtle alarm-like sound so that the device owner wakes up and registers his dream in a database.

From there, these listings can be shared on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. In fact, he will be able to point out third persons who may appear in these dreams.

Although at the moment, the application is only available for iOS within the year is expected to be released for Android.