Greece: "He told me he was a teacher and then a serial killer" - He dragged her to a deserted place and attacked her

New creepy facts in the case of the 28-year-old girl who complained that she went on a date with a man she met through an application and he attacked her and abused her

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New creepy facts in the case of the 28-year-old girl who complained that she went out on a date with a man she met through the Facebook Dating application of Facebook and he attacked her and abused her, reports. The mysterious man, as the girl complained, said a teacher, dragged her to a deserted spot in Kareas behind the Saketa camp and attacked her. In fact, when she told him that she did not want to, he did not respect her and kissed her again, while when at some point, a vehicle approached his car and parked next to him, he came out naked from the middle and down and furious; he ordered the driver to leave because it bothered him! He attributed his act to the excitement that, as he told her, he felt from her "provocative dress".

The 28-year-old, as she testified in the Department of Byron, tried to keep her composure for fear of harming her, while when he left her in a place in Pagrati a little while later, he told her that he was a serial killer!

What he testified

When at 9 o'clock on the night of January 3, the 28-year-old crossed the threshold of the Byron Security Department, she unfolded to the police everything she had experienced overnight, three hours earlier in a deserted location in Kareas behind the Saketa camp with a perpetrator, a man who, had met the day before from Facebook's Facebook Dating app. As he testified, they talked with him for a long time and finally arranged to meet at 6 on Monday afternoon, at the junction of Filolaou and Alketou streets in Pagrati. In fact, the young woman gave the police the profile that he uses on Facebook, his mobile phone, saying that he was introduced to her as a teacher who lives in the center of Athens, while he also gave a full description of him. He is a person of Greek origin, about 1.83, with a shaved head, white skin and thin.

He picked her up from the spot in his vehicle and during the ride, as the 27-year-old testified, they were talking, the man was behaving normally and nothing raised her suspicions. Until he led her to a secluded outdoor area in the area of ​​Kareas behind the Saketa camp. At the point, they stayed until 19:15 where where they were talking he asked her to hug him and as soon as the young woman hugged him he started touching her chest against her will. The girl immediately removed him and told him to stop, but he, as he testified, said to her characteristically, "are you kidding?" and repeated the same act. He then tried to take off his pants and grabbed her by the hand and forced her to grab his genitals. Shocked, she did not react and let him rest his hand on the point in question. At one point, according to the girl's testimony, another car came to the spot and accidentally parked next to them. Then the man got out of his vehicle naked from the waist down and furious, he told the driver of the vehicle to leave because it was bothering him! Then he got back in his car, rushed to the girl and kissed her on the mouth and chest. The 28-year-old "frozen" by terror, did not react as she testified and simply let him do what she wanted because he was afraid for her physical integrity. These acts lasted about 45 minutes as she tried to avoid him in a calm way but he insisted.

He said he was a serial killer and laughed

And while the girl was struggling to avoid him, suddenly the man, as she states in her testimony, began to masturbate in front of her in order, as he told her, to complete his act on her. The 28-year-old, frightened, asked him calmly to stop. Eventually, the perpetrator managed to convince him, stopped and got dressed. Then he put the car in front and they returned to the place where he had received it. As the young woman testified to the Police, during the journey, the man started telling her that he is a serial killer, he does not want to leave her from the place where he took her and he started laughing. A fact that, as she states in her testimony, caused fear and question whether she was joking or meant it. He said that he tried to calmly explain to him that what happened was wrong, with him replying that he might have deviated a bit by attributing his behavior as he characteristically told her "to the arousal he felt as it was provocative to dress her". When she left, the 28-year-old stated that he did not want them to meet again, but, as he told the Police, he continued to send her messages. Closing, in her testimony, the girl stated that she can recognize him unconditionally and wants his criminal prosecution.