SIGMA intervention for reporting sexual harassment - The position of the channel

Statements by SIGMA TV regarding a recent allegation of sexual harassment

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In the wake of a recent allegation of sexual harassment of a female journalist, a former employee of the SIGMA television station, the station states the following:

About a year and a half ago, the management of the station noticed the complaint of an employee who worked as a journalist. The complaint concerned the sending of messages by a fellow journalist, which were considered to exceed the limits of legitimate communication, expressing the writer's erotic interest, something that bothered the complainant. Immediately, without delay, the station's management convened a meeting at the station's CEO's office, which was attended by the Personnel Director, the News Director, the News Program Director and the two directly involved, in separate meetings. In the meeting with the accused journalist, he rejected the complaints as malicious. The Management indicated that his conduct left no choice but to remove him from the complainant. He then submitted his resignation which the station immediately accepted. This outcome seemed to satisfy the complainant. About a month later, the journalist left the station for reasons unrelated to the incident.

After more than a year, the station searched for journalists for its current needs and this one submitted an application for interest. Based on the real qualifications of the applicant and since no complaint was pending against him, as much by this journalist as by any other woman, the station re-recruited him as the criterion of non-complaint and the presumption of innocence acted in his favor. .

Only yesterday, the station became aware of the submission of a complaint by the complainant against the above-mentioned journalist, which was confirmed by the CEO of the station in a written communication with the Police Headquarters. In the light of the developments, the Directorate immediately places the journalist under mandatory obligation, in view of further actions by the investigating authorities to clarify the issue.

Throughout their long history, both the SIGMA television station and the DIAS Group in general have shown as a matter of principle and in their daily practice their unequivocal and irreconcilable respect and sensitivity to the dignity, security and equal opportunities of their female employees. In reference to this occasion, the station blatantly declares its full respect for the current legislation and the police and legal authorities of the state.