27-year-old complains of indecency: The messages she exchanged with the 33-year-old "teacher"

"I melt, I want you" - "I speak to you lively ..."

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The 27-year-old "teacher" tried to approach again the 33-year-old girl from Byron, against whom he had tried to abuse her a few hours earlier. This time, too, he used the online dating app, with the young hotel employee reporting the incident to the local Security Department but not knowing anything other than his Facebook profile.

"I melt, I want you", the 33-year-old wrote to her as if nothing had happened the night before, with the girl trying to extract his mobile phone number to give it to EL.AS.

"Can you give me your cell phone for a while?", The 27-year-old asked to answer "why?" and the hotel clerk telling him "I want to tell you something important". "Are you scaring me" replied the "teacher", with the 33-year-old insisting but not getting an answer: "send me and I will take you to tell you".

The next afternoon (Tuesday 4/1), he appeared again through the internet application asking her: "what are you doing?", With the 27-year-old not answering and the 33-year-old sending her another message after hours, this time for to find her: "I'm talking to you alive…".

A case was filed against him for insulting his sexual dignity.