A woman in Larissa went to the hospital with ear pain and they found inside... a cockroach

1 11 Larissa, Hospital

In an unusual incident, his doctors were called to intervene this morning Larissa University General Hospital (PGNL). Specifically, according to his information larissanet, at PGNL he arrived with ambulance woman, complaining of earaches. As it turned out later, there was a cockroach inside the young woman's ear!

As it later became known, according to information, the cockroach seems to have entered and "caught" the woman's headscarf at night while she was sleeping. In the morning he felt pains and then he was called ambulance of Ambulances in the Structure.

When the woman was transferred to PGNL, the cause of the pain became known, with the doctors removing it cockroach and the woman to then return to the Facility, without needing further hospitalization.


via: Gazzetta