Fierce fighting around Indonesian hospital in Gaza - Reports of at least 12 dead

Israeli tanks surround Indonesian hospital in Gaza

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Fierce fighting broke out on Monday around a hospital in northern Gaza where thousands of patients and displaced people have been sheltering for weeks, as Israeli forces focus on clearing medical facilities they say Hamas militants are using for cover.

Israeli tanks surround the Indonesian hospital in Gaza, where at least 12 people have been killed following Israeli attacks since the morning, Al Jazeera reports. The hospital's representative told Al Jazeera - regarding the latest developments - that "we fear that the Israeli forces will repeat what they did at Al Shifa Hospital" and added that "the situation is catastrophic while the Israeli forces intensify their attacks." He stressed that medical staff at the Indonesian hospital insist they will remain to treat the injured while there are about 700 people, including medical staff and the injured, inside the hospital.

The health ministry in Hamas-run Gaza said today (20/11/2023) that 12 people were killed in an Israeli strike on a hospital in northern Gaza. "Twelve people, including injured patients and attendants, were killed and dozens injured as a result of the Israeli occupation targeting the Indonesian hospital," the ministry spokesman said.

Israel Says Tunnel Found Under Al Shifa – Denies It Has 'Scheduled' Deal For Hostage Release And Ceasefire.

Meanwhile, Israel denies that a deal on the release of hostages and a ceasefire has been "closed". A representative of Hamas told the Jordanian newspaper Al-Gad that it was agreed to declare a cease-fire within the day which will last from four to five days.

At the same time, the World Health Organization calls Al Shifa a "Death Zone", as the lives of the approximately 260 patients hang by a thread. The hospital is without electricity and supplies, with garbage, debris and medical waste in the rooms and corridors.

The Israeli military announced that it had discovered a Hamas command center 10 meters below Al Shifa. He posted videos depicting a shaft with a spiral staircase, which leads to a tunnel tens of meters long and at the end of the tunnel there is an armored door.

Israel's information minister called on the international community to promote the voluntary relocation of Palestinians outside the Gaza Strip, instead of sending money for the reconstruction of the Palestinian enclave.

The IDF says hostages were taken to Al Shifa Hospital

Daniel Haggari, the IDF spokesman, showed reporters CCTV footage he says is from Al Shifa on October 7, when Hamas attacked Israel.

According to the IDF spokesman, the video shows two hostages kidnapped by Israel, one of whom is bleeding on his arm, being taken to hospital. "We do not know where these hostages are now," he said.

According to Hagari, he also shows an IDF jeep that was taken from Israel at the hospital, as well as a white pick-up truck that he said was of the type used by Hamas commandos when they attacked Israel.

"Until now the truth is clear, Hamas is terrorizing the hospitals," he underlined.