GREECE: 17-year-old recovered from coma shortly before his organs were given for transplant

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An incredible incident happened in Mytilini hospital as a 17-year-old who was in a coma after rolling, he came back to life just before doctors decided to disconnect him from the machines that were keeping him alive.

According to the website stonisi, the young man from Pencil had hit the head seriously in rolling last August and had undergone operations to keep him alive.

The doctors his mother had also "raised her hands". Brigadier General decided to donate his organs. Then miraculously the 17-year-old's brain started showing signs of life and he came back to life shortly before the mechanical support stopped.

Today the Brigadier has fully recovered. He is in a Rehabilitation Center at Λουτράκι of Corinthia to deal with his mobility problems. “He's on crutches, but this too shall be overcomesays his mother. In a short time he will return to Mytilini, another rehabilitation operation will follow.


via: Gazzetta