Maria Theodoridou: Reduced effectiveness of the two doses against "Omicron"

He described the third dose as the key to treating this mutation.

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The importance of the third dose for achieving more effective protection against the "Omicron" mutation, which is spreading rapidly in Greece, was highlighted by the President of the National Vaccination Committee, Maria Theodoridou, during the official briefing on the vaccination program in Greece.

According to her, the effectiveness of the two doses against "Omicron" is reduced, compared to other mutations, while she characterized the third dose as the key to treating this mutation. He clarified, however, that the duration of protection offered by the third dose is not known.

Referring to a British study of 815 patients, she noted that the results of this study showed that the third dose protects 3% of hospitalization.

Ms. Theodoridou pointed out that the reality is evolving in parallel with the scientific publications, while she stated that "2022 is the third year of the pandemic and for this every state must ensure the safety and health of the citizens".

The Secretary General of Primary Care, Marios Themistokleous, stated that the percentage of those fully vaccinated in the general population is 67,3%. As he noted, a total of 17.600.000 vaccinations have been performed, with 71,3% of the population having taken one dose and 67,3% having taken both doses. The commemorative installment has been made by 62% of the beneficiaries.