Coronavirus: Vaccine Death Investigation Launched - Dozens of Compensation Claims

900 claims for compensation

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"The very rare but serious side effects of the vaccine Covid-19 could be investigated in the upcoming public pandemic investigation. "Compensation for those affected can also be considered."

This was stated by the chairman of a survey and member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom, Heather Hallett, who sent a detailed briefing to the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson last Thursday outlining the key areas under consideration - including pandemic preparedness, new research and the status of care institutions.

According to the Mail on Sunday, the president of the new British research asked to examine whether her research can cover the deaths and life-changing side effects of vaccines.

While multiple studies have shown that Covid vaccines are safe - with more than 53 million Britons receiving at least one dose and nearly 40 million taking three doses - a small minority of people have suffered serious health problems, including blood clots and inflammation in the heart.

900 claims for "damage" compensation from AstraZeneca

In the United Kingdom, medical regulators reported 438 cases of blood clots and 79 deaths associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

More than 900 claims have now been filed for compensation for death or injury from vaccines, with total claims reaching 110 XNUMX million.

However, no payment has been made.

Sarah Moore, a lawyer at the Hausfeld law firm representing 95 victims, told the Medical Minefield podcast on Mail on Sunday this week:

"The vaccination program has been extremely successful and we know that, for the vast majority of us, it is also safe."

The lawyer states that the victims do not have access to any form of payment, because the vaccine damage payment system, which was created in 1979, is outdated.

"The system is there to say, look, you did the right thing. You started the vaccination, you were really unlucky and we will help you financially. "But it is an outdated system and it can not cope with the number of people who have applied for compensation," he said.

The scheme allows for a maximum payment of 120.000 XNUMX, but Moore said: "When you take into account the loss of income, the loss of a pension and the ongoing care needs, this amount starts to seem insufficient.