England: Green light for the fifth Novavax vaccine

Encouraging data on cases and hospitalizations for England

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Coronavirus cases in the United Kingdom have reached 88.171 in the last 24 hours, down by about 9% in one week.

The number of deaths confirmed during the same period was 303, also down by about 9% on a weekly basis.

Meanwhile, the number of patients fell below 15.000 for the first time since the New Year and the number of intubated bodies below 500 for the first time since July 12.

Also, according to new data from the UK Health Insurance Agency, cases under the age of nine fell in the last week of January on a weekly basis for the first time since the holiday season.

A decrease is now recorded in all age groups, respectively, which is probably perceived as the passing of the outbreak of Omicron in the whole population.

At the same time, the Drugs and Health Products Regulatory Authority has given the green light for the US Novavax vaccine to be given to adults in the United Kingdom, the fifth coronavirus vaccine to be used in the country.