Mad Clip's Porsche "spoke" - Unsuitable car tires

Screenshot 2021 09 21 085906 Mad Clip

It has been 18 days since the accident that cost the life of the trader Mad Clip and the questions about how he lost control of his vehicle remain unanswered. However, the autopsy of the expert of the trapper family, Panagiotis Madias, completes the pieces of the puzzle that remained vague. Porsche "wore" Semi Slick tires that are specially made for speed racing.

These are tires which, when in contact with water, cool down and lose their performance for a few seconds. As they summarized in Mega, associates of Mr. Madias, the tires are only suitable for dry road and despite the fact that last year they were without significant damage, they were unsuitable for driving in the city.

The night the thread of Mad Clip's life was cut, it was found that there was water a few meters from the scene of the accident. Eyewitnesses said the same thing. So the fatal Porsche tires for a few but critical seconds lost their efficiency.

Shortly before the autopsy began, Panagiotis Madias' associates located the cross that the trapper was wearing as well as his mobile phone. Inside the Porsche were found two other crosses of lesser value, which remains to be determined whether they belonged to the unfortunate musician or to a friend.

The expertise in the car showed that Mad Clip managed in those dramatic seconds to press the brake and drop the speed to 80 km from the 134 he was going. But again, this speed proved to be fatal. The black Porsche went off the road and after being nailed to a pillar ended up in a tree.

The autopsy also showed that the Porsche suspensions were in excellent condition without any intervention, which could have played a role in the tragedy. Mr Madias's staff found that all the wiring connected to Porsche's brain had been damaged and at least at noon, during the first inspection, it was impossible to obtain information.