Illegal Hellenizations: Testimony revealed by the network of corrupt police officers

The revealing testimony is as it is

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"… The last ID was issued by E. It was last week in Glyfada. He, K. and a couple of others went there on Friday at noon at 2:30 when everyone had left and identified themselves as a woman around 50, a Russian woman with short blonde hair. The ID went 25 thousand. The identity of Glyfada took 10. The witness was a Kazakh from Menidi who say they will get them and a passport, let's get a five thousand. The tip with the policeman in Livadia has his best man. And from what I learned, they said they would release another ID there again in May and they would all work together again. Keep that in mind. "

This was the testimony according to the Authorities that her "tangle" began to unravel criminal organization according to the indictment, of police officers who came out for a rough pay fake IDs and passports.

diagramma police officers, testimony, illegality