VIDEO: Uproar over the violent arrest of a father in front of his children

Police officer spews racist remarks - His children cry and his wife begs not to hit him

Screenshot 2022 09 15 at 09.41.13 police officers

The police in Berlin have come under heavy criticism in recent hours after the video in which a man was arrested in front of his children was recorded while the policeman who handcuffs him uses excessive force and utters racist comments.

In a video posted on social media by a lawyer, two policemen are seen tossing a man to the floor inside his home in Berlin, while his children, who are watching the scene, cry and his wife begs the uniformed officers not to beat him.

Then one of the officers can be heard saying to the woman: "This is my country and you are a guest." A little later the same police officer is heard saying to the immigrant family: "You are in my country. You should behave as the laws dictate."

At the same time, the policeman addresses the woman in a threatening tone, telling her to "take off your helmet. Don't touch me again or I'll take you to detention."


"Racism in the Berlin police" wrote in his post on Twitter the MP of the Left Party, Ferat Kocak.

For its part, the Berlin police announced that they have launched an investigation into what happened last Friday (9/9). In the same announcement it was clarified that the police went to the apartment in order to execute arrest warrants for the man who is accused of fraud with benefits he collected.

According to the same announcement, the man resisted and that is why the police threw him to the ground while his wife tried to free him and was prevented.