Two police officers were killed in a shooting in New York - The perpetrator is dead

They were summoned following a complaint of domestic violence on Friday night

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Two New York City police officers have been killed in a shooting at a home where they were summoned following a complaint of domestic violence in Haarlem on Friday night, police said.

The shootings erupted shortly before 18:30 (local time, 01:30 Greek time) inside an apartment at 119 West 135th Street, as police responded to a domestic violence dispute between mother and son, sources confirmed.

The spot was cordoned off and New York police urged residents to avoid the area. According to the authorities, the perpetrator of the attack was fatally wounded by police fire.

Mayor Eric Adams headed to Haarlem Hospital where officers were rushed to the scene after the shooting, according to the mayor's spokesman. It was reported that both police officers succumbed to their injuries.

A total of four police officers were shot dead in New York this week, with two killed and two others slightly injured.

Source: RES-EAP