Pispirigou "I am presented as a modern Satan" - Order her lawyers to move against broadcasting

"We informed the accused about our actions, she also informed us about some of her wishes and gave us some specific orders."

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"They present me as a modern-day Satan," Roula Pispirigou told her lawyers, who visited her at noon on Thursday (April 28.04.2022, XNUMX) at the Korydallos women's prison, and asked them to take legal action against journalists who, according to her, had been deported. an immoral war.

Mr. Othonas Papadopoulos and Mr. Konstantinos Zardas talked for about an hour and a half with their client, informing her about the latest developments but also about the time when the request for her release will be submitted.

At the same time, the mother of three children who is accused of killing her eldest daughter with an overdose of ketamine and is being investigated by the authorities if she is also responsible for the death of Iris and Malena, speaking with her lawyers, ordered them to pursue in any legal way those who present extremes against it.

"We informed the accused about our actions, she also informed us about some of her wishes and gave us some specific orders. All this time he is watching TV. From morning till night she sees an immoral extreme war against her from some newscasts, a war that has never been seen before, a hatred, a targeting that I do not know what it is for. In other words, what is the purpose of this man going out at some point and being stoned?

He continued: "He told us that they present her more or less like the modern Satan who has come from Hades and has settled in Athens. She instructed us to pursue by all legal means the most extreme of those elements that accuse her. There are extremes and proven criminal offenses against her. There are various headlines, there are claims that he is the killer of three children, that he is a monster, that he is a witch, a lot of nonsense that they sell. The scenario that we are dealing with the modern Satan sells and awakens the humblest feelings in the world. Unfortunately, the defense has seen fewer things than some of your colleagues have seen. The rule of law is lagging behind in Greece. We are dealing with a imprisoned mother who is accused of the death of a child and who many predict and foretell that she will be found guilty of the death of her other children. He says he has already been targeted. "

The request for release from prison

Roula Pispirigou asked her lawyers when the request for her release would be filed, while for the reports that want the prosecuting authorities to have located the man who helped her delete her search for ketamine from the internet, the accused was categorical. that he does not know any such person. "He asked us when we could make the request for release. We replied that within 10-15 days we will submit. Technical consultants have been found. We are waiting for all the information they want to have. "For the gossip, for a person who helped her delete data from her computer, no such person knows, she wants to know who this person is and to be called to testify with his data and his name", said her lawyer Konstantinos Zardas.