Pispirigou mother: "So much tragedy and they are concerned with whether my hair is straight"

Roula Pispirigou's mother, Eleni, spoke about the drama that her family is living on Zina Koutselini's show.

mitera pispirigkoy toso megali tragodia kai ascholoyntai me to an to malli moy einai isio ZINA KOUSSELINI, PISPIRIGOU, ROULA PISPIRIGOU

R's mother spoke about the drama her family is living on Zina Koutselini's showgums of Pispirigou, Helen.

On the show "Truths with Zina" Roula Pispirigou's mother, Eleni, went online, reacting, among other things, to the negative comments that appeared on social media, regarding her image on the visit page on Korydallos prisonsy.

She appeared with straight hair before entering the penitentiary, which shocked the people, who reacted.

"I saw them. But what do they do? Such a serious situation, such a great tragedy and see if my hair is straight, or if it is not. That is, I have nothing to say ", he told Zina Koutselini when asked.

"I ask through your show, I appeal for to leave me a little calm. I can not, I have lost three grandchildren, my daughter is where she is, I can not manage this. I will not say Roula was a good mother or not. "After 9 months, he brought the child from the board to this point, to look her in the eyes." completed and showed a photo of Roula with Georgina.

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via: Enimerotiko