Hour zero for Pispirigou: Today the decision on Georgina's death

After about 100 meetings, the trial of this much-lauded case is concluded

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The Mixed Jury Court of Athens announced today its decision on the guilt or innocence of Roula Pispirigou regarding the charges of attempted murder and attempted murder against her 9-year-old daughter Georgina.

Thus, the trial of this much-lauded case, which began in January 2023, is completed after approximately 100 court sessions during which more than 60 witnesses were examined, while nine hearings were needed just for the defense of the accused mother from Patras. Today's verdict of the court, specifically of the three regular judges and the four jurors on the guilt or not of the 35-year-old accused is expected to be announced shortly after 11. to set but also to assess the penalty. "This moment is a great moment for Justice. The truth is one thing: no one can convict the accused. I beg and hope... Every day this woman dies. He lives with the expectation of a good decision", said Alexis Kougias, defense attorney of Roulas Pispirigou, during his marathon speech at the trial. "If something was murdered in this process, it was the scientific truth and the right reason" the lawyer had also mentioned and referring to Professor Mr. Raiko on whose report the charge against Roula Pispirigou is based, he spoke of a lack of evidence evidence, saying: "If after the scientific investigation of the case you trash Raiku's report as you must, then there is no other evidence to indicate criminal activity and that cannot be substituted or replaced by gossip and messages on Viber, with the comments of telejurists on the morning, midday and evening television shows and the arbitrary and irresponsible positions of the uninvited tele-forensics, that is, the people who have been building careers and making fortunes on a human drama for two years". Mr. Kougias had even mentioned in his apocalypse, supporting the innocence of his principal.

It was preceded, however, by the proposal of the district attorney, Ev. Spyridonidou, who was a "catalyst" for the accused mother, for which she pleaded guilty, as she is accused, that is, for attempted murder of the girl in the Karamandanio Hospital of Patras and also for his homicide by administering ketamine at the "Panagiotis and Aglaia" Children's Hospital Kyriakou" in Athens. According to the prosecutor's indictment, the motive that armed the defendant's hand and decided to take her daughter's life was her obsession with her now estranged husband Manos Daskalakis. "The only misfortune that little Georgina had in her life is that she had a mother, a nurturer and a caregiver, the accused," the prosecutor had stated, among other things, in her proposal to the court to note at another point in her plea: "Her objection came Georginas and as if by magic Daskalakis returned home".

For her part, however, in her apology, the accused mother from Patras denied that she took her daughter's life, saying to the court: "I have made mistakes with Daskalaki, but I loved my children. I may have the worst character, I may be invincible to many but I know I have been accused of the worst crime a mother can be accused of. I want you to help me find the truth about my daughter."

It should be noted that in this trial (as well as in the trial for the deaths of the two youngest daughters of the family, Iris and Malena) Manos Daskalakis has appeared in support of the accusation. The advocates of D. Georgakopoulos and D. Karampelas asked the court to find Roula Pispirigou guilty, with Mr. Georgakopoulos stating: "The ketamine was given to Georgina while she was alive and for us it is clear that it was administered by the accused." For his part, Mr. Karabelas had emphasized: "As long as the accused was with Daskalaki, she was fine. When Daskalakis left, he would blur, turn his eye to her. The way to keep him was the worst, the one that does not fit the human mind... The accused in order to bring back Daskalakis reached the crime".

However, in the event that the court with today's decision accepts the prosecutor's request, then it is not excluded that the accused mother from Patras will be faced with life and many years in prison.

Source: protothema.gr