"How to hit my wife without anyone realizing it" - Searched 163 million times

Complaints have quadrupled in a decade

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The same research also states that the phrase "will kill me" was searched on Google 107 million times, an increase of 84% (!) From 2019.
Stella Argyriou spoke to SKAI in the aftermath of the new, 13th female murder in our country, the murder of Nektaria from Crete. According to a research in the pandemic, many men were looking for ways on the Internet to kill their wives.

"We have a second pandemic, that of gender-based violence, which we have to deal with seriously because unfortunately the number of incidents is increasing, and one tragedy gives the baton to the other," she said. the pandemic.

Psychologist Stella Argyriou, speaking to SKAI, noted that the abuse of women has increased and said that in the pandemic, users searched the internet 163 million times on the internet for "how to hit my wife without anyone realizing it".

He went on to say that "violence has entered the homes. There must be a supportive environment, so that the mother, the wife, the partner can be supported to leave the tyrant. They are murdered and leave behind obligations, they leave behind children. "These women must be supported by the state."

Finally, he hastened to emphasize that: "There is no respect and patience in relationships, we must get out of the pandemic better. To deal daily with how we will become better ".

Complaints have quadrupled in a decade
Another fact that is worth mentioning is that according to the data of the report, from 2010 to 2019, the complaints for crimes of domestic violence quadrupled. Specifically, in 2010 the annual number of complaints, regardless of the gender of the victim or the perpetrator, the relationship between them, as well as the form of violence, reached 1.303, while in 2019 this number jumped to 5.220.