Salos in Greece: Teacher gives orders to students to the Unknown Soldier (VIDEO)

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Dizziness and division prevail in the Greek Social Media with a teacher from Crete, who as part of an excursion made his students line up in front of the monument of the Unknown Soldier in Syntagma. After they lined up, they marched with a military march and sang the National Anthem.

With absolute discipline, the students obey his orders, stand respectfully in front of the Evzoni and sing the National Anthem. The video was uploaded to social media by a mother and was followed by hundreds of comments about the coach's morale and integrity, who is originally from the village of Plora. He was born and raised in Moires.

The video was posted on her personal Facebook account by Mrs. Katerina Maravgaki and there were many who thought that his attitude was excessive and that the militaristic way was not appropriate to educate students of this age.