Tempi: The names of the victims from the Constitution were erased overnight

Reactions have been caused by the video in which cleaning crews are seen erasing the names of the victims

syntagma tempi 640x426 1 Syntagma, Tempi

The names of the 57 victims of the Tempe tragedy were written by demonstrators in front of the Monument to the Unknown Soldier on Wednesday (28/02) at Syntagma, on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the train accident.

The names of the dead were symbolically written in red paint on the floor in front of Parliament by protesters during the grand marches held as part of the 24-hour strike yesterday.

This was also one of the most remarkable moments of yesterday's demonstrations in Athens, where more than 20.000 citizens were "present", making it clear in the most resounding way that the crime in Tempi will not be forgotten and demanding, at the same time, the non-cover-up of the responsibilities and the administration of justice.

However, late on Wednesday night (28/02), as seen in a video released on Twitter (X), cleaning crews consisting of two water tankers arrived at the scene and began to erase the names of the deceased victims of the Tempe tragedy.

The video posted on Twitter/X shows people cleaning up the red paint late at night, causing outrage and anger.

Many users comment that this is a shameful move, stressing that once again, they are trying to make the world "forget" the tragedy.

Source: news247.gr