Survivor: Triantaphyllos left and feels "redeemed" - Twitter shared (VIDEO)

Triantaphyllos, who was a candidate for resignation 11 times, left - See the reactions on twitter

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He stayed for six months, was a candidate for resignation 11 times and was discussed a lot. Triantaphyllos is now a thing of the past for Survivor as in yesterday's resignation process he gathered the least votes of the audience against Saki, Marialena and Carolina.

His friends hugged him and cried, the opponents breathed a sigh of relief, with George Asimakopoulos saying characteristically "My Lady, finally, the miracle happened"

On Twitter users were shared. Some had liked him a lot, others just annoyed him a lot. And this was evident from the "tweets" after the announcement of George Lianos. And as expected, evils were also thrown at Triantaphyllos' friends, Sakis and Marialena.