Survivor / Final: Triantaphyllos "gave" Pappas and Eleftheria Eleftheriou - Rage on twitter

The famous singer revealed the love affair that Alexis Pappas and Eleftheria Eleftheriou had. Kallidis up close, who confirmed it with a laugh. Twitter is "boiling".


A very inelegant move was made by Triantaphyllos Hatzinikolaou during the Survivor final that takes place in the Galatsi Grove.

The famous singer took the microphone and instead of doing what he became famous for, to sing, he chose to share with the world the personal data of two former players of SKAI's survival reality show.

Despite the appeals of Giorgos Lianos, as well as other players who asked him not to finish what he started ("Do you want to know who did what with whom?"), He revealed the love affair that Alexis Pappas had with Eleftheria Eleftheriou in Saint Dominic . In fact, in this offensive moment, Panos Kallidis gave an extent, along with the confirmation, saying: "He gave who had sex".

Some laughed, however, the embarrassment was evident to several players, as well as to Giorgos Lianos who wanted to get over the issue, inviting Panos Kallidis to sing.

In any case, this is an unacceptable action that causes an alginate impression, as we are talking about personal data and personal moments of two people, one of whom was not even present at the live.

Rage on Twitter

Several Twitter users immediately expressed their frustration with the move of Triandafyllos, who hurried to "decorate" the singer for the disclosure of the personal data of a man and a woman.