This is the 33-year-old tennis teacher accused of child abuse - How he was arrested

The Police had long ago targeted the specific tennis teacher after the decision of one of his victims to speak to his parents.

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A new case of incest against underage girls came to light with a tennis teacher who ran a school in the western suburbs and took advantage of the relationship he had with the young apprentice players.

How his action was revealed

Everything was revealed when one of the two girls, 17 years old today, revealed to her parents what was happening. According to the information, the 17-year-old has been the victim of seduction by the coach for the last two years.

The second girl, who is now an adult and was seduced by the tennis coach from the age of 13,5, also testified in the Juvenile Department.

The Police have been dealing with the case for months, while they also proceeded with physical surveillance of the perpetrator. There are suspicions that the coach's victims are much more for this and investigations are underway.

The 33-year-old was arrested on Friday, today he was taken to the prosecutor and tomorrow he will go to the investigator.

The announcement of the Greek Police

Arrested on a warrant on 5-11-2021, by police officers of the Juvenile Protection Sub-Directorate of the Attica Security Directorate, a local accused of abusing minors who have reached the age of 14, in a row and continuously and for sexual intercourse with a minor who has completed the 14 repeatedly. The arrested person was taken to the competent prosecutor.

This is the tennis teacher

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