Twitter put it with the Rose: The plane is ready and waiting for you (VIDEO-IMAGES)

The famous singer has caused a lot of nerves to twitter users

Screenshot 2021 03 30 095908 Survivor, ROSE

Twitter users targeted Triantafyllos, a player they have supported many times. Quarrels in the hut, his words about various teammates, such as Elias and his union with Alexis have infuriated social media users who want him out of the game.

See here the tensions in the hut:

"For so long everyone has been saying that I take vacations, that I pretend and limp. I waited for the paper to come from the doctors. I wanted to help the team, I could not play for three more days. I gritted my teeth. "I am the black sheep in the team, they want to take me out and leave," Triantaphyllos told the council.

All of this angered Twitter.