Tragedy in a swimming pool in Greece – a 36-year-old woman drowned in front of her 4-year-old child

So far no one knows what happened

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Tragedy occurred on Saturday afternoon, when a woman was pulled dead from a swimming pool in Naxos. The accident happened at a beach business in the area of ​​Plaka.

According to information from, the 36-year-old woman, a permanent resident of the island, was pulled dead from the pool while she was with her small child.

EKAV rescuers arrived at the scene, however as it turned out it was already too late and the woman breathed her last.

At this time the small child of about 4 years is in the Naxos police station, he is in good health and the husband of the unfortunate woman is expected to manage a very difficult situation.

So far, police investigations are ongoing, while no one knows what happened. Unfortunately, yet another young person loses his life unjustly and prematurely.