Extremely important, we all need to know: How to save a drowning person

The first aid that a drowning person will receive is of vital importance and there are specific actions that must be taken.

exairetika simantiko prepei oloi na to gnorizoyme pos mporeite na sosete enan anthropo poy pnigetai DROWNING, FIRST AID

Of vital importance are the first aid which will be accepted by a man who drowning and there are specific moves that need to be made.

Unfortunately, as we have seen happen recently with the tragic incident that claimed the life of 30-year-old Zefi, it happens very often both to adults from a piece of food that has not been chewed well and to children who are very likely to swallow small objects to cause Drowning.

A choking hazard occurs when an object becomes lodged in the throat or trachea, blocking the flow of air.

Because choking cuts it off oxygen that flows to the brain, it is very important to know how to properly provide first aid to the person in need and as soon as possible.

First aid: How to save someone who is drowning


A person who is drowning:

-He usually puts the hands of his neck

-Owned by panic

-He can't breathe and yes talk that moment

-It can start to he is coughing intensively

-"Changing Color" its appearance and the skin seems to be paler or purple/blue

-Maybe after a few seconds pass out

In the following video, you can see the correct way to give first aid to a person who is drowning.

Pay attention, as the actions you take in an emergency can save the life or at least limit the effects of the interruption of oxygen flow to the brain of the drowning person.

Watch videos showing how to save someone from drowning


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