Australia: A spider was walking on the leg of a politician reporting on Covid

"We have coronavirus, we also have spiders"

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An unpleasant surprise awaited the Minister of Health in the state of Queensland, Australia, while informing the journalists about Covid.

As she was talking about the spread of the disease, a journalist informed her that a large spider was walking on her leg.

At first, Minister Yvette Dath tried not to show panic, but she waited for those close to her to help her get rid of the annoying arthropod.

'Can someone please get that spider off?': A huntsman spider interrupted a press briefing from Queensland Health 

"I do not like spiders but I will pretend that this does not happen to me. I will continue my speech by pretending that I do not have a big spider - a hunter walking on my leg. "If it gets on my face, please let me know," he said, trying humorously to manage the "crisis." 15 cm. Despite having poison, they avoid biting and are not considered dangerous.

"We have coronavirus, we also have spiders," said Yvette Duth after a successful operation to remove the spider from her.

Source: First Topic