Sydney: This is the female police officer who neutralized the 40-year-old who killed 6 in the mall

Amy Scott has served 19 years in the police force

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In the last 24 hours in Australia, the 39-year-old police officer Amy Scott, who neutralized the 40-year-old Joel Cauchi when he, holding a knife in his hands, killed a total of six people, including the mother of a 9-month-old infant who was injured by the man's attack, has been treated as a hero in the last XNUMX hours in Australia. in a Sydney shopping centre.

Scott, who has served 19 years in the Australian police, chased after Cauchi after being informed of the attack and eventually came face to face with him on the fifth floor of the mall.


Eyewitnesses described that the police officer shouted "drop the knife on the 40-year-old and when he tried to attack her, she shot and killed him. She, in fact, then performed CPR on the 40-year-old until rescuers arrived at the scene and the perpetrator finally breathed his last in the shopping center.


"Officer Scott, who ran towards danger, showed professionalism and composure without a moment's hesitation and without doubt saved many lives," said the New South Wales mayor.

Officer Scott

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A union police officer who spoke to Scott said she was satisfied with the way she acted and doesn't consider herself a hero. "I spoke to her and she told me that "these are days without much sleep". She knows that she is treated as a hero, but for her, all she did was her job," he said characteristically of police officer Scott.

For her part, New South Wales Police Minister Jasmine Cutley, who also spoke to the officer, praised Scott's humility: "When I met her and said 'thank you for your courage' she replied that 'no it was just me, those who were present at the time of the attack on the shopping center also helped a lot."