$ 5 million "reward" for Argentina's lost submarine

argentine ypobrychio Argentina, SUBMARINE

Unable to locate, despite international assistance, its naval submarine, which has been missing since November 15, along with its 44-member crew, Argentina promised on Wednesday that it would offer $ 5 million in compensation to anyone to find the boat.

The compensation of 98 million pesos, as clarified by the Ministry of Defense, will be paid "to the person who will provide some information or useful information that will help to find the exact location of the submarine" San Juan.

The Argentine Navy continues to investigate with limited resources and the Argentine government hopes to persuade private companies to assist in the investigation. More than 10 countries have mobilized to find the submarine, which may have sunk 400km off the coast of Patagonia in the Atlantic Ocean after sending a signal of damage to its battery system.


President Mauricio Macri received the relatives of the 7 crew members on February 44 and announced the initiative, without specifying the exact amount of compensation.