Argentina: He was expelled from the courtroom as he was meowing during his trial (VIDEO)

The "cat-man" is accused of killing his mother and his aunt

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A man accused of killing his mother and aunt in Argentina, nicknamed the "cat-man" by local media, has been thrown out of a courtroom in the city of Mendoza after refusing to obey a judge's order to stop meowing during his trial!

Nicholas Jill Pereg, originally from Israel, is accused of double murder of his relatives, when they visited him from Israel in 2019.

The accused had previously asked the judge if he could take his cats with him to the psychiatric hospital, where he is being held during his trial.

A video released by the Mendoza prosecutor's office shows the defendant in court beginning to imitate the meowing of a cat, while refusing to answer questions from the prosecutor.

"Mr. Jill Pereg, before the jury entered, I warned you that if you want to stay in the courtroom, you must do so silently, with respect and with dignity," Judge Laura Gagiardo said before dismissing her from the jury. room.

Local media reported that his lawyers are expected to ask the court to declare their client mentally incompetent.