The hot Argentina melted Italy and raised the "Finalissima"!

He threw three in the European champion

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Awesome Argentina from the past raised the "Finalissima" having Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria in great spirits! Lionel Scaloni's team prevailed 3-0 over Italy, which could not react throughout the match, while at the same time saying goodbye to Giorgio Chiellini.

The match

Argentina came in stronger in the first half, pushing and constantly creating opportunities.

However, Italy had the first big chance of the match to open the scoring, when Bernardeschi made a parallel turn, but Romero interrupted at the last minute before Bellotti executed. In the continuation of the match, Lionel Messi was the main spokesman of the phases of Argentina.

In the 28th minute he made a great individual energy by rolling on Di Lorenzo, he also turned to Lautaro, who opened the score making it 1-0. This goal gave a very good rhythm to the match, which, however, had many strong duels.

Argentina had taken the lead, had the advantage and transformed it into a second goal, in 45 + 1 'when Angel Di Maria with a fantastic lob made it 2-0, after a vertical pass by Lautaro.

The second part went at the same pace. Argentina pressed and had possession of the ball. In the 60th minute, Di Maria made a nice individual effort, shot, but Donaruma made a great operation and was sent off at the last minute.

The Argentine did not stop there and two minutes later he made a great volley, but Donaruma was there again to say "no". In the 64th minute, Messi gave a ready goal to Lo Celso, but he failed to score through the small area.

From there on, Italy could not react, playing mainly on the counterattacks, but without threatening much.

In the 90 + 4 'Paulo Dimbala, who came in as a change in the delays, gave the final blow, making the final 3-0! Somehow, the whole of Argentina finally embraced Lionel Messi, celebrating the conquest of the "Finalissima" for 2022!