Millionaire killed in front of his son - He resisted robbery (video)

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The news that has been making the rounds of the international media in the last hours and concerns the murder of a 50-year-old British millionaire, in front of his stepson, outside the hotel where they were staying in Buenos Aires, when strangers tried to rob them and they resisted. . They are Matthew Charles Gibbard and his 28-year-old son Stefan Joshua Zone.

Last Saturday, a father and son were ambushed by two strangers, who appeared on a motorcycle, outside the hotel where they were staying in the Argentine capital. The perpetrators tried to rob the 50-year-old and the 28-year-old, first shooting Zoon in the legs, in order to snatch the bag he was holding.

The video then shows the father trying to chase the robbers, but they shoot again and fatally injure the 50-year-old millionaire, who falls to the floor while staggering. According to local media, the bullet probably penetrated the lung of the father who ended up in the hospital where he was transported.

The Daily Mail reports that the businessman had been targeted by the perpetrators from the moment he landed in Buenos Aires, while he notes that in addition to themselves, two cars were watching him. Stefan Joshua Zoon, 28, is being treated in critical condition, while the perpetrators have escaped and are wanted by the authorities.

Source: sigmalive