Angela Merkel: She started her retirement with a walk in the… supermarket

He then headed to the office he holds as former chancellor of Germany

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Outside the German chancellery is now Angela Merkel with the "iron lady" of Germany in recent years, to inaugurate her retirement with a walk in the. Supermarket.

In particular, the former chancellor was seen on Thursday morning (9/12) pushing a supermarket trolley in the "Hit Ullirich" in Berlin, with Bild's camera lens "capturing" her in her first outing after her departure from the chancellery.

According to the publication of the German newspaper, Angela Merkel at 08:20 yesterday morning, did her shopping with her bodyguard, wearing a purple jacket and black pants. He then headed to the office he holds as former chancellor of Germany.

Merkel's pension is five figures

According to German media, the 16 years she spent as head of the German government secured her a hefty pension as her monthly salary is estimated at 25.000 euros, plus another 10.000 euros a month as a member of the Federal Parliament (Bundestag), in which owned for more than 30 years. The German chancellor for 16 years will continue to receive her salary for three months and then half the amount for 21 months, as a transitional salary. The pension he will receive is estimated at around 15.000 euros.

In fact, according to reports in the German press, Angela Merkel may spend more time in Italy than in Germany, as her husband, Joachim Sauer, has been a member of the University of Turin since June.