Two-week extension in the refugee thriller in Germany

merkel 14i71 ANGELA MERKEL, Germany, New Famagusta, Refugee

The thriller of the intra-government crisis in Germany continues with the extension of two weeks, as decided by the Christian Socialist party.

Home Secretary Horst Seehofer has given Chancellor Merkel a two-week extension to find compromise solutions with her European partners on refugees / immigrants.

Otherwise, he threatens to return to EU countries from July 1, where refugees and migrants arriving at the German border have first been registered.

Chancellor Merkel accepted this proposal and in the coming days - until the June 29 Summit - she will try to establish contacts, as she describes it, as a European solution, but also bilateral agreements with countries such as Italy, Greece and Bulgaria.

In an interview given today, the Chancellor said that her goal, but also Zeehofer's goal, is the better organization of immigration to Germany, but also the significant reduction of people arriving in the country.

The German authorities, noted Angela Merkel, will not allow the identification of people who have been identified in other countries, but there will be no automation of the process of their rejection.

If Interior Minister Zeehofer implements his threat and takes unilateral action on July 1, then he must be considered certain that he will be ousted by the government, resulting in its downfall.

Refugee / immigration will be the focus of Angela Merkel's meeting tonight with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.