The amount of Angela Merkel's pension is staggering

However, he has already gathered a not insignificant "candy"


Angela Merkel is slowly retiring and the pension provided by the German State for the former chancellor is "stunning".

Angela Merkel, after 16 whole years at the helm of Germany, is leaving the political scene and is gradually retiring.

Certainly, however, her finances will not concern her as the 67-year-old former German chancellor has amassed a not insignificant "knot".

Taking 25.000 euros a month, plus another 10.000 euros a month as an MP in the Bundestag, to which she belonged for more than 30 years, Ms. Merkel leaves with her pockets full.

In fact, the experienced politician will continue to receive the Chancellor's salary for three months and then half for a maximum of 21 months, as a transitional salary, according to ABC.

The pension she will receive is estimated at around 15.000 euros and she and her husband, Joachim Sauer, may spend a lot of time together in Italy as he has been a member of the University of Turin since June.

They both love our neighboring country, which they often visit and do mountaineering on their holidays.

At the same time, in case she does not want to leave her political life immediately, like all former chancellors, Merkel has the right to an office, several employees in the Bundestag and two drivers.